About Nancy

Come In...Relax...Just Breathe

Yoga has been in Nancy May's life for over 19 years.  She began practicing in 1999, learning about yoga by following Cyndi Lee's OM yoga in a box CD faithfully 6 days a week for two years.  She was hooked and moved to California to expand her knowledge and learned from many inspirational teachers.  Her favorite yoga instructor is Seane Corn and she has attended Seane's workshops whenever she can.
​Nancy moved back to the Chicago area in 2003 and founded her studio, Yoga From The Heart.  She attended yoga teacher training and became certified with the Yoga Alliance in 2005.  Nancy has 300+ hours of training.  She specialitzes in Hatha Yoga and balancing you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Nancy begins each class by having you set a personal intention, breathing, and meditation.  She teaches from the heart and believes yoga is a personal experience for every student.  Her wish is that each of you finds a moment of peace during their yoga practice, which is sometimes elusive off the mat with everyone's hectic lives.
Nancy's style of teaching is very heart-felt and is primarily gentle to all-levels flow.  Her students can expect to laugh and relax as they share time on the mat.  All students are welcome from beginners to advanced.  Nancy is known for her yogalicious savasana!  This is the last five minutes of class, in which students lay on their mats and relax to soothing music and her guided mediation.  Students leave the class feeling calmer, stronger, physically and mentally. Nancy loves to share her yoga practice in various locations, including yoga studios, homes, schools, corporations, and adult living communities.  Her passion for yoga has no bounds. She loves teaching retreats and has hosted 20 in various locations (Illinois, Wisconsin,  California, Michigan, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Belize). 
Her next international retreat is scheduled for March 28-April 4, 2020 with Bhante Sujatha in Belize. You can find out more info and register on the Retreat & Workshop tab.

Nancy believes yoga is available for everyone and meant to be accessible to everyone at every stage of your life!

Come join her for one of her classes or retreats and experience Yoga From The Heart. 

"Gentle is the new advanced and Slow is holy and stronger"
~Nancy May


I have attended classes done by Nancy May's
Yoga From The Heart for about 10 years and recommend her classes to all of my friends.  Watching each participant and knowing their strengths and weaknesses is a key to a good teacher who can then recommend alternatives that have similar benefits.  As I have aged my needs and abilities have changed and are honored.  The instruction and guidance in position and breathing continues to be supportive.  We also have fun in the classes which have variety and amazing relaxations to end each session.
What can I say about Nancy?  Other than the fact that she is an amazing yoga/meditation instructor.  She is a wonderful and caring person also.  I have only known Nancy a few months but she is the kind of person you feel you have known your whole life.  Her one hour class is my once a week escape from everything, good or bad.  That one hour allows you to not only reap the benefits of yoga, but more importantly the benefits of meditation.  She allows you and teaches you to look within yourself and find the good that we all have and to show self-love and respect.  By the time you leave, you feel completely lifted from the stressors of everyday life.  I recommend her class to everyone and have brought new faces almost every week.  And what is great is Nancy will cater to your needs, whether you are a beginner or advanced yogini!



Yoga From The Heart with Nancy - is just simply that -
from the heart.  Yoga with Nancy will transform you in
more ways than you ever thought imaginable.  Not only
are you bending, twisting, and engaging in flexible ranges and yoga poses, you will become one with yourself and your soul.  Nancy teaches yoga from the most beautiful aspect, loving and take care of yourself.
She guides you both mentally and physically within your practice and makes you feel rejuvenated as no other yoga class can.  You will feel so welcomed to Nancy's classes.  She puts charisma, love, and mindfulness into all of her sessions!  If you haven't tried her class, you are missing out!  Namaste.

Nancy teaches from deep within her heart.


I have been taking Nancy May's yoga class for over 10 years - starting when I lived in Elgin where she teaches and continuing when I moved to Del Webb Huntley.  There are many other yoga classes I can go to, including one right in Del Webb.  The reason I have kept taking classes with Nancy is that she provides a special element, not usually present in a yoga class.  Nancy's classes are so much more than just stretching and improving your balance.  Nancy encourages students to look within - both on and off the mat and the atmosphere in her classes is always one of peace, serenity, and calm.  She offers her students the opportunity to be completely at ease and free from stress, certainly for the hour of the class, but also to take the feeling out into the world.  And now, more than ever, people need a place where they can not only shed the stress and concerns of the outside world and just "be" but also truly experience the loving kindness that is Nancy.


I have been practicing yoga under Nancy's gracious instruction for 12 years.  There simply is none better to respect where you are emotionally and physically and to support you with loving kindness and asana assistance.  I have been on several of her yoga retreats also.  Don't think twice, just go, they will change your life!
Nancy encouraged me to become a teacher myself.  She is so special, creative, intuitive, inclusive, and just a joy!